For your convenience we have listed below a few forums and supply shops that we have used and trust. None of these forums or shops have paid us to advertise here. We choose to put these links here only as a convenience to you. will soon be changing our name to SnareCraft Alaska!

Some additional changes that are going to be taking place include:

•The addition of our new Facebook site.
•Low cost, downloadable movie files of both BSC and ASC part 1.
•An upgraded production of Basic SnareCraft filmed in HD and wide format.
•An upgraded production of Advanced SnareCraft in HD and wide format.
•The production of two new instructional videos which should be released by March of 2017.

We are no longer offering our DVD products for sale through the mail however, you will soon be able to download both Basic SnareCraft and Advanced SnareCraft at an incredible discount over what we used to sell the DVDs for. Please be patient. We are ever grateful for your support.

This site is designed to help teach trappers, young and old, seasoned and new how to build and use snares. Thus far, we have produced 2 instructional videos that will help you learn how to build your own snares. See a brief discription below of each video. There are some additional or supplemental helps that we hope might be of use to you near the bottom of this page. We will make an honest attempt to include more information as time goes on. Our main goal is to help you become a better trapper and snare builder. We do this mostly through our instructional videos.

Basic SnareCraft (60 minutes) was released in January of 2003 and quickly gained popularity among the trapping community. Since it's release, it has sold more than 700 copies worldwide and has only received positive feedback.

Advanced SnareCraft Part 1 (86 minutes) was released on February 9, 2007 as a step beyond the instruction of Basic SnareCraft. Both videos contain a wealth of knowledge that comes from not just one persons experience and training, but from many. If you are just learning how to build your own snares or, want to learn more, these videos are for you.

Advanced SnareCraft Part 2 is not yet available. There was just too much information to put into one ASC video so, within the next year or so you will see ASC Part 2 released. Thank you for being patient with us as we make every attempt to please our customers.

SnareCraft Forums: We have made an attempt to utilize a forum based learning environment for our customers. However, due to the lack of time it takes to moderate such a forum and the amount of unwanted traffic we have decided to discontinue the SnareCraft Forums at this time. We do apologize for the inconvenience.


Snare Supplies

The #1 snare building video today!
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•60 Minutes dedicated to showing you how to build snares.
•8 chapters (learning modules) from tools needed to setting.
•Save up to 50% over store bought snares.
•Will be available soon as a downloadable movie.

The most detailed snare building video now!
Build on the knowledge you gained from Basic SnareCraft

•86 Minutes of detailed instruction beyond the basics.
•24 Chapters from types of cable to the speed of snare locks.
•Save even more as you learn to build more specialized snares.
Will be available soon as a downloadable movie.

Important snare building information
Using steel nuts or aluminum button stops?

Using crimpers or, "swaggers".

#9 wire attachment videos. (How To)

More on snare to #9 wire attachment systems.

Cable sizing chart.

Most common wolf traps used in Alaska.

Notes on trapping coyotes in Alaska.

About treating skulls.